Trump's Taxes? What About O's Birth Certificate?
Larry Klayman says eligibility remains 'a legitimate and unanswered issue'
By Larry Klayman
April 20, 2017
Over the weekend, on Monday and Tuesday, "Tax Day" in the U.S., the nation has witnessed more violent protests, commonly known as riots, by leftists bent on causing anarchy and even bodily harm to conservative and other supporters of President Donald J. Trump. Predictably, among the most physically violent of these leftist riots again occurred at the University of California, Berkeley, perhaps the most far-left of all college campuses in the country. The bogus pretext: to incite violence and try to delegitimize the Trump presidency, using as a phony excuse of The Donald's continuing refusal to publicly release his tax returns.

Whatever the reason for the president's refusal, it is likely based on his real and documented perception that the leftist media would use his tax returns to continue to lie and divert attention from affairs of state and his Making America Great Again.

The hypocrisy of this leftist drumbeat and implementation of more than Henry David Thoreau-type civil disobedience is rank. Berkeley and other scenes of leftist violent protest in the last weeks and days are hardly "Walden Pond."

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