Leftist Trump Tax Protests Height of Hypocrisy!
By Larry Klayman, Chairman and General Counsel
Freedom Watch
April 19, 2017
Over the weekend, on Monday and yesterday, April 18, 2017, "Tax Day," the nation has witnessed more violent protests, commonly known as riots, by leftists bent on causing anarchy and even bodily harm to conservative and other supporters of President Donald J. Trump. Predictably among the most physically violent of these leftist riots again occurred at the University of California at Berkeley, perhaps the most far left of all college campuses in the country. The bogus pretext: to incite violence and try to delegitimize the presidency of Donald J. Trump, using as a phony excuse The Donald's continuing refusal to publicly release his tax returns.

Whatever the reason for the president's refusal is likely based on his real and documented perception that the leftist media would use his tax returns to continue to lie and divert attention from affairs of state and his "Making America Great Again!", the hypocrisy of this leftist drumbeat and implementation of more than Henry David Thoreau-type civil disobedience is rank. Berkeley and other scenes of leftist violent protest in the last weeks and days are hardly "Walden Pond."

For over the last eight years, during the President Barack Obama's White House years, from 2000 throughout the day he left office on January 20, 2017, he steadfastly refused to release the original of his birth certificate when repeatedly by many questioned about his status as a "natural born citizen" — the constitutional criterion to be eligible to run for and be sworn in as president -- and when he finally posted a "scanned version" a few years ago on the White House website, many forensic experts found it to be fraudulent.

As just one example, notwithstanding forensic analysis by other experts, my client Dennis Montgomery, a "computer wizard" and NSA/CIA whistleblower (see, found that the one posted by Obama's White House was not genuine. But even without this expert forensic analysis, the scanned version of the birth certificate posted on the White House website set forth that Obama, allegedly born on August 4, 1961, also listed his race as "African-American." At that time in the nation's history, the phrase African-American had not yet been coined. This term was the creation of the Rev. Jesse Jackson in the early 1970s. Indeed, a simple review of other birth certificates issued by the State of Hawaii in and around 1961, shows that the terms used to designate people of color were consistently "black" or "negro."

To this day, Obama has never released an original of his alleged Hawaiian birth certificate for further analysis, and leftist claims that this so called "birther issue" is simply the result of "alt right racists," of which President Trump, according to them, is a charter member (the Donald himself had early on questioned Obama's place of birth), is just empty and itself reverse racist rhetoric. The bottom line, the issue of the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate and status as a "natural born citizen," ironically first raised by 2008 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was and remains, at least for the history books, a legitimate and unanswered issue, no matter how the left has played the race card by spinning it as a conspiracy by white racists.

Second, also during the 2008 presidential election period and throughout the eight years of his presidency, Obama also refused to release medical records about his health. What could be more important for the American people to know than whether or not their commander-in-chief, the leader of the nation and the free world, is healthy and able to do his constitutional duty to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, and the American people as a whole.

So when you turn on cable news and see these leftists continuing to riot — hopefully you will not find yourself in the middle of one -- remember that this is not because they are genuinely concerned about the release of President Trump's tax returns, no more than they were about Obama's failure to disclose his original birth certificate or medical records. Instead, they have and will continue to look for any bogus pretext to destabilize the Trump presidency and to discredit conservatives, people of faith, libertarians and others who voted for and continue to support his quest to restore the 1776 vision of our Founding Fathers: freedom and not tyrannical socialism!

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