Whistleblower Montgomery Allegedly Has Goods on NSA, CIA Snooping
By Larry Klayman
February 16, 2017
The illegal leaks and surveillance by our intelligence agencies that have destroyed the career of General Mike Flynn, President Donald Trump's now former national security adviser, and now threatens the Trump presidency, is not new.

As testified to by whistleblower, and my client, Dennis Montgomery, who was an NSA/CIA contractor, this criminal violation of the Constitution and various related statutory laws has been ongoing. In this regard, Montgomery has, with immunity, come forward to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and has produced 47 hard drives with over 600 million pages of information allegedly showing that the chief justice of the Supreme Court, other SCOTUS justices, over 156 judges, former businessman Donald Trump, other prominent business leaders, and even yours truly have had their confidential information illegally accessed in obvious attempts to coerce, blackmail, and destroy anyone who might be a threat to the establishment.

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