Why I'm Suing Barack Hussein Obama
By Larry Klayman
February 3, 2017
It's like a bad recurring dream! After eight years of a president who lied to the American people to be elected – namely that he is a Christian – Barack Hussein Obama, who did all he could to harm Israel, not to mention American Jews and Christians, is at it again. Not able to keep his Muslim mouth shut, he recently issued his own version of a fatwah, in effect calling on his Islamic, radical and anarchist followers to take to the streets to protest President Trump's so called "Muslim ban" – which is not a ban at all but simply a moratorium on immigration from seven Middle Eastern terrorist-infested nations for 90 days, as the new administration analyzes how to do "extreme vetting" to weed out possible terrorist entrants.

Indeed, when a former president of Obama's professed "stature" tells his people to go out into the streets, given the current highly combustible climate whipped up by leftist radicals and the ever-growing number of traitorous Democrats who are in league with them to not just delegitimize the Trump administration but to destabilize the nation, this "call to arms" is quite powerful and persuasive.

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