Larry Klayman: 'Why I'm not scared'
By Katie Bo Williams
The Hill
February 3, 2017
In 2009, Jesus came to Larry Klayman while he was driving down Ventura Boulevard.

Klayman had found himself in a really low place: His client had just lost a sexual harassment case, which he blames on a judge he says had a grudge against him. Days before, he survived what he describes as a near-fatal car crash.

As he drove through Los Angeles, he was talking to himself, saying: "Larry, you're a revolutionary. Jesus was a revolutionary. Jesus told the high priests to go eff themselves, and then he told the Romans to go eff themselves."

NOTE: Klayman has written a response to this article
(see below)

Larry Klayman's letter to the editor

By Larry Klayman
The Hill
February 3, 2017

As the outset, I want to say how much I respect The Hill and its Editor in Chief, Bob Cusack. Unlike many in the media, this print and internet publication generally makes a conscious effort to report fairly and accurately. Unfortunately, even unbiased professional news organizations sometimes get their facts wrong, and during this period of heavy political and legal activity with the new Trump administration, and attempts by the Democrats on Capital Hill and elsewhere to delegitimize and obstruct it, it is understandable that in the press of business "mistakes" in reporting would be made.

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